What Are The Main Essay Writing Rules

  • Essay writing
  • Writing an essay is a very important skill that students need to learn their academic career. It is not very tough to write a good essay if you follow some simple rules. It might be challenging some students to find the essay writing rules as there are no hard and fast paper rules. One has to stay careful with the format, content, grammar, right vocabulary, and logical order to write a good essay. No one thing can determine the quality of your essay, it is a mix of all these that defines a good essay.

  • Follow a format for your essay
  • All essays regardless of their type follow the same pattern. An essay starts with the opening paragraph known as the introduction paragraph. This is followed by body paragraphs usually three. They may vary with the essay types. After the body paragraphs finally there is a conclusion. It summarizes the whole essay and points a clear conclusion or solution to the addressed issue.

  • Make an outline
  • After you have carried out your research, it is important that you make an outline for your essay. This step will reduce your efforts by 50%. If the outline is ready, the rest of the essay is easy to write. Make sure to include bullet points and pointers to make it more precise.

  • Write a rough draft
  • Before you write your final paper, it is important that you write a rough draft first. You do not need to worry about the grammar and spelling in the rough draft though. You can even use short forms and abbreviations for your convenience.

  • Edit your essay
  • Once you are done with the rough draft, it is now time to revise and edit your essay. This is a very crucial step because you need to proof read each section. You have to scan through the document. You have to change some words, cut down some sentences, and make some amendments in your essay.

  • Cut down irrelevant details
  • The beauty of a good writing is that it is brief and precise. It needs to be to the point and relevant.

In addition, you need to remember:

  • Delete what you can
  • Only keep stuff that adds value
  • Avoid using jargons
  • Know when to end one thing and start another
  • Avoid the use of Passive voice
  • Avoid using first person
  • Write the perfect grammar and spelling

Posted by November 23rd, 2016