Stress Management Without Drugs

Stress is a natural product of the society that modern humans exist in. Because our jobs are uncomfortable, our home lives are non-existent and we are constantly stimulated by our devices, it can be difficult for us to just relax. Indeed, those of us above a certain age have forgotten how and the younger ones never knew. This stress often manifests as depression and anxiety which is treated by psychiatric professionals with prescriptions. These drugs can become habit forming and are often expensive. This essay deals with some of the alternative methods that people who are stressed out can employ to minimize their problems.


There are many different types of meditation. Some involve sitting perfectly still and turning the focus inward onto the breath. By controlling the rate of breathing the mind can become quiet and in this space thoughts can be processed more efficiently. There are also walking meditations in which sitting is not required. This ma appeal to people who get bored easily or may have Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. Scientific studies have shown that regular meditative practice can lead to significant changes in the physical structure of the brain which lead to added resilience to depression.

Creative Therapy

This can involve art, drama, dance and occasionally wilderness therapy. The idea behind these is to let the person who is experiencing a stressful life get away from the places and actions that cause the stress for a little while. The art allows them to create something beautiful, dance lets the movement take thoughts from the mind and put them into the body where they can more easily by dealt with. Drama allows the person to step into character and be someone else for a little while. All of these can help stress melt away.

Martial Arts

The practice of earning a rank within a martial art school requires a large amount of diligence and self discipline. People who do this often find that the problems they carry around daily melt away in the face of grueling physical exercise. Being in the presence of others with whom a camaraderie is shared is also helpful.

There are people whose stress is so intense that drug therapy is absolutely essential. They may even become a danger to themselves and others without medical intervention. For most other people the options stated above should be seriously considered because they are more than adequate.

Posted by November 22nd, 2016