Everyone who has been given the challenging task of writing an essay writes with the intention of having their essay stand out and be not only recognized but appreciated. Here is a helpful writing guide for the stand out essay:


One of the most important factors to writing a successful essay that stands out is to determine and consider who your audience is. Yes essays are normally written in school with your obvious audience being the instructor. Typically when we write for a teacher the tendency is to present a content that can be overly boring and uninteresting since our focus is on satisfying the knowledgeable professor more times than not with an unattractive plot that lacks style and intrigue.

So how do we avoid this from happening? The key is to assume your reader to be an average thinker who longs to be entertained by crisp and interesting content that reads well and keeps them wanting to read more.


The most basic step to gaining and holding the attention of your reader is to put focus on the beginning and end of your essay. By placing attention on the first couple of sentences of your essay you strive to immediately capture the attention of your audience. The last thing you want is for your reader to scan the first few lines of your essay and find that they are skipping over the body to quickly get to the end of yet another boring essay. You want to avoid commonplace content that loses the reader’s attention from the start.


Next you need to develop a solid foundation by presenting with content that renders the reader prisoner to your words and provides a pure sense of entertainment. Healthy body structure makes for a successful writing piece and with the use of proper transitional words and phrases makes way for an exciting conclusion.


Your final writing task involves some elaboration on your conclusion. Having introduced the reader to your topic, carried them through an intoxicating scenario of words and sentences that made up the body of your essay, you now have your final task at hand which is to deliver a conclusion that leaves the reader staggering at best and inspired to either seek to read more or embrace the art of writing themselves.

Posted by November 23rd, 2016