How to practice homework essays writing skills?

When you want to build muscle, you have to lose weight. When you want to run a marathon, you have to practice running. When you want to be a better reader, you have to read. The same goes for writing. If you want to learn how to write essays, you have to practice. You also need to read good essays. Anyone can write a good essay; it’s just a matter of learning the formula.

Practice by Reading

Reading good essays is one of the most important ways to learn how to write essays. When you see what professional writers can do with the format, you will get plenty of ideas of how to write. While reading, pay attention to the writer’s style, looking at transitions, sentence length, paragraph length, and word choice. Paying attention to the opening and closing will also give you plenty of ideas.

Learn the Formula

Learning the formula for an essay will help make essay writing easier. Every essay needs to have a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning always needs to have an attention-getting opening and an explanation of what is to come. The thesis or controlling statement needs to be presented in the beginning, too. The middle is where the writer presents the facts and the stories that help define the thesis. The end needs to close the essay in a way that leaves the reader thinking.

Write Essays for Practice

If you want to practice your essay writing skills, you simply need to write essays. There are several websites that present a variety of topics. Pick a topic and start writing. Once you feel confident about writing, you can ask an audience to read your work. Your audience could be a friend or a family member. You could even ask a current or former teacher.

Retype Essays for Practice

If you are looking for something even easier, retyping essays will give you an idea of what it takes to write an essay. Choose an essay that you love, print out a copy, and type it on your computer. There is nothing illegal about doing this. By typing the words and punctuation, you will get the feel for a flow of a good essay. You will hear the rhythm and flow of the words, the choice of transition words, and the progression of ideas. Just be sure that you do not save the retyped essays so you do not ever accidentally turn them in as your own.

Posted by November 23rd, 2016