Custom Essay Writing Business - What is It?

The custom essay writing business is simply another word for essay writing services. At its most basic, this is merely a service geared towards writing essays for students. They take care of a number of essay types and are paid for their services. Some of the usual essays handled include:

  • Term Papers
  • Research Papers
  • Dissertations
  • Presentations
  • Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Coursework
  • Lab Reports
  • Admission Essays

Parts of the essay such as bibliography, citations, formatting, and so on are all handled by the service. The goal is to ensure you get an effectively written paper in a decent amount of time.

The Main Elements of the Essay Writing Business

Turning a profit is the main element of any business and the essay writing business isn’t exempt from this. The profits for these kinds of businesses come from the pricing practices of the sites. All of them follow the same general set up of charging clients.

The price of one paper will look expensive enough depending on the site. Some charge in the $10 area for a paper at the school level, but it can spike into the $20-$30 range for a PhD or Masters level paper. Factor in the kind of paper you’ll need done, plus how flexible or how tight the time window is, and multiply those by how many pages are needed and you might end up with one expensive essay that could’ve been close to 90% less if you just had to pay for printer fees.


As with any business, the quality of work received in the essay writing business can vary wildly. Some places have great reputations for turning out expert work while others fall flat and deliver “decent enough work”. The key to separating the good from the adequate from the bad is to just research into essay writing services. Ask around on forums or read review sites to see what you turn up about some sites. If the sites have no reviews or no one has used them, the site will come off as an unknown and could be a gamble to use for your essay needs.

If you do happen to turn up a solid service with a great reputation, you’ve done your job as a consumer. You’ve exceeded that job if you found a place with great service and friendly pricing!

Posted by November 23rd, 2016