Picking An Outstanding Topic For An Argumentative Essay

You should be well-prepared to write a strong argumentative essay. It is not enough just to be passionate about the topic. You are to represent your claim, support it with really strong arguments, and make people see the issue from your perspective. Choose your topic carefully. Let it be something controversial, yet with enough evidence proving your position. Here is a list of outstanding topics to create a reasoned argumentative essay:

  • Students should be permitted to grade their teachers.
  • All the enterprises should be environmentally friendly.
  • The access to social networks shouldn’t be blocked for the company workers.
  • Legal protection is a must for the trade secrets.
  • If swear words are tabooed, people turn to be more inventive in creating new curse words.
  • Jargon is a result of speaker’s laziness, rather than language evolution.
  • Placebo effect should be used for medical treatment.
  • Technologies make people lazy.
  • Modern kids are too dependent on computers.
  • Music can heal morally and physically.
  • Digital artworks deserve to be treated in the same way as the traditional pieces of art.
  • People tend to find hidden ideas in paintings, even if these ideas weren’t meant by artists.
  • Black and white photos will never go out of fashion.
  • Young families shouldn’t live with their parents.
  • College education does not guarantee receiving well-paid positions.
  • Gap year between school and college is vital for making the right career choice.
  • The younger is the couple to marry, the higher is the probability of early divorce.
  • The retirement age shouldn’t be increased.
  • Parents should teach their children to treat all the people, not only the elderly ones, with respect.
  • If you were forever young, you wouldn’t have ambitions.
  • The sufficient amount of vitamins cannot be compensated only by food consumption.
  • Parents shouldn’t make their children eat if the latter don’t want to.
  • Fast food is the salvation for our high life rhythms.
  • Grandparents should take an active part in the upbringing process.
  • Stick and carrot parenting style is a proven and effective way of upbringing.
  • Homeschooling is bad for a child’s social and communicative skills.

Controversial issues can be found in practically every area of life. Each of them can be successfully turned into a great argumentative essay topic. Choose the area that you know well enough, look for different views on the issue, and take your position. Only now you are ready to create the best topic for your argumentative essay. Let your topic be original and unusual, and your paper will definitely earn the highest mark.

Posted by November 23rd, 2016