Who can write your College Essay for you?

There can be many different reasons why you are looking for someone else to write your college essay for you. The college essay can represent a significant portion or your grade or application influence and if writing is not your strong point, it makes good sense to hire someone to do it. Also, there may be time considerations that you have to be realistic about accommodating. If you are working full time you may not be able to give the focus needed to the act of writing to produce an essay of high quality.

Different types of essays, different types of need

There are two very different types of college essays, so you have to make sure you are asking about the right one in order to get the right results. The first is the college entrance essay. This is the essay submitted as part of your initial student application. It is meant to not only display your writing, logic and organizational skills but to tell the school more about you as a person. It is your first foray into academic marketing. The second type of essay is the college class essay. These can range from one page, 5 paragraph essays on an assigned topic to 3 page papers whose thesis you are responsible for originating. These essays typically follow a specific style, such as MLA or APA.

Use a service or hire someone yourself

Chances are you have seen ads online advertising college essay writing services, and you have also seen ads posted or in a newspaper from individuals offering to do the same. Which one should you choose? The answer is found by being a smart consumer. A business stays in business because it meets a customer’s needs and fulfills certain regulations and requirements to stay formed as a business. Anyone with a computer and a printer can put out a flyer. A business specializing in providing college essays hires professional writers who are trained to do such things and can provide samples, as well have customer feedback comments posted on line. If you choose to hire an individual yourself, you have little way of knowing how good they are except from what they tell you.

A smart idea?

Using a service to write your college essay can be a very smart idea whether it is for an application or a class. It can realistically address a skill you do not excel at, as well as handle the realities of your schedule. Consider the reasons why you want someone to write your college essay for you and then make the best decision for your circumstances.

Posted by November 23rd, 2016