How to Write an “Against School Uniforms” Persuasive Essay

School uniforms usually inspire resentment in students – and it’s not surprising. Forcing students to conform to a code of conduct, as well as a code of dress, can be very aggravating. The debate on school uniforms – their benefits, disadvantages and effects – can become a heated discussion very quickly. It’s for this very reason that so many English and writing teachers choose this as a persuasive essay topic. How are you going to convince advocates on the other side of the fence that implementing school uniforms is not a strong decision? What’s going to make your essay persuasive? What’s going to make your paper really sing out – really capture the audience’s attention and convince them of your opinion? If you want to write a strong essay against school uniforms, you need to review the tips lists below.

Be Factual, Not Opinionated

The worst persuasive essays are the ones without any evidence to back up their stance. Facts speak volumes; opinion does not. Make sure that when you craft your essay, you have some research and valid reasons supporting your position. What are some of the main benefits that come with free dress? What are some possible downfalls of forcing students into school uniforms? Find concrete evidence and use it to your advantage. You’ll convince more readers towards your side if you present a logical, well-founded argument, as opposed to a zealous belief.

Be Organized and Non-Confrontational

Believe it or not, the best way to assure writing success is to stay organized. The less organized and clear your paper, the less likely people are to appreciate the arguments you’re trying to make. A respectable paper is a clear one. A huge part of staying organized is making sure you use proper planning and outlining techniques. Remember that every paragraph should have one main idea with relevant supporting material. Remember that sentences should flow, and there should be easy-to-understand connections between facts and ideas. Another key to a well-developed essay is in the revision. Always make sure you proofread and edit your work before turning it in. Avoiding small mistakes can mean the difference between a successful essay and an embarrassing flop.

In the same vein, you need to make sure that your essay doesn’t inspire conflict. Fill your essay with signs of respect towards your opposing side. Just because you disagree with one opinion doesn’t mean you have to get nasty about it. In fact, the more respectful and understanding you are, the more respected your essay will be. Make your point, but make it without getting vicious or speaking poorly of the opposing argument.

Posted by November 23rd, 2016