Is it wise to buy essays from an unknown source

Essays are one of the most written writing assignments in the world. Students from different levels of education are supposed to write essays on different topics. Many universities, colleges and schools include essays in their syllabus to improve written expression of the students.

Why do students buy essays?

Students who are assigned tasks by the university find it hard to write lengthy essays on their own. Therefore they hire online writing agencies to do their work. There are plenty of such services on the web that offer custom written essays for students. Students feel a need to buy the college essays because they are short of time and have busy life schedules. Some of them are not very good at written communication and do not have a good hold over the subject which is why they prefer to buy from an online source. Students also buy essays from the web because they want to score a good grade and do not want to risk their performance by submitting a low quality essay.

The drawbacks of buying from unknown sources

Buying essays from professional writers will benefit the student in many ways. However it is important that the company is a reputable one. If you buy from a company you do not know of there are many potential risks you may face.

  1. Plagiarism
  2. There is always a risk of copy pasted materials if you buy from an unknown source. This will be harmful for your grade in particular and your academics in general.

  3. Spam
  4. Websites who offer attractive low rates are usually spam and if you haven’t heard of the company before do not risk your money for some extra cash

    Other issues you may face while buying from an online source are:

  5. Low quality
  6. Delayed deliveries

Whenever you decide to buy something from an online source always make sure you know their credibility and reliability. You can ask your friends and peers about where to buy from. If they cannot help you then you can check the reliability of the company by yourself. A company with a good repute and strong positive customer feedbacks should be preferred rather than taking a chance with an agency nobody knows of. Do not fall for cheaper rates these companies will offer you. It will be a very dumb decision to buy from an unknown source because you will never be sure of the consequences.

Posted by May 15th, 2023