Risky Driving Behavior Correlation With A Person's Traits Of Narcissism And Impulsiveness

Risky driving behavior correlates with an individual’s traits. The primary traits with which risky driving behavior correlates is impulsiveness and narcissism or borderline personality disorder. Risky driving behavior is just one area where risks are taken for impulsive people or those with a personality disorder.

Personality disorders are disorders where the personality of an individual does not make sense to everyone else. Thoughts are different than most the same as actions. Impulsivity is one symptom or many personality disorders. It is exactly what the name suggests: impulsive. It can create problems with finances as well as physical health and relationships and even with legal issues. People who suffer from impulsivity act quickly and do not consider the consequences of their actions. Impulsive behavior often takes place in response to an event that triggered an emotional response. Everyone acts on impulse here or there and impulsively driving is not necessarily a sign of a personality disorder. People who have undergone emotional situations or are tired may drive impulsively and not suffer from a personality disorder. Someone who is impulsive might get cut off in traffic and speed up to follow that person and cut them off without thinking of the consequences of that behavior such as being pulled over and arrested or getting into an accident. Doing this after a particularly difficult situation or event may be something abnormal but not regular. Doing it regularly for no reason may be a sign of narcissism or a personality disorder.

Narcissism is a personality disorder wherein a person displays long term patterns of abnormal behavior such as risky driving and abnormal feelings and thoughts. The traits are often peculiar and will lead someone to feel bad about themselves. Narcissistic people alienate their employees and customers as well as colleagues and co-workers. After a close encounter with a narcissist people will walk away feeling mad or sad. Narcissism means that the personality of the individual is not organized in a way that makes sense to the majority of people.

Someone who displays impulsive behavior might also suffer from borderline personality disorder. This causes them to act on impulse regularly. Some examples include promiscuous sex as well as spending sprees. Driving recklessly and screaming at others or threatening them harm is another example of this.

Overall there are many reasons for impulsive and risky driving. If it only happens once in your lifetime then chances are the impulse was brought on by an event or an emotional response. If it happens regularly then it might be brought about by a personality disorder or narcissism.

Posted by November 22nd, 2016