Buy Essay and Don't Worry - True Story?

One should approach anything purchased with some degree of concern. When it comes to writing assignments purchased, that concern should be turned up to a high degree of concern. If you require an essay, it’s best that you do it yourself—even if you need a couple of term papers done. If you simply must purchase a term paper, you should worry. There are several reasons:

  • Plagiarism
  • Poor quality essay
  • You would be risking your grade
  • Prices per page

Let’s go into these and find out just why you should be weary before you buy an essay.


This is always a concern. Most sites you could purchase a term paper from will promise you that their papers are plagiarism free. As a matter of fact, it’s often their primary selling point to purchase custom made papers from their services.

The problem in this case are sometimes the site could be on a “Get the money upfront before doing the work or sending it in” kind of policy. This means the buyer can’t use Copyscape or their plagiarism checker of choice to make sure the paper is legit.

Poor Quality Essay

The essay you get for your money could be of poor quality with suspect spelling, grammar, research, and citing. You could challenge for your cash back or a redo and site could tell your instructor you’ve pay for a term paper to be done instead of doing it yourself.

Risking Your Grade

To add on to the above, your grade could be jeopardized if it’s revealed that you paid for your paper to be done. Some schools run on the honor system and it’s expected of you to do all of your own work. Failure to do so could also result in expulsion if the school harbors strict policies.

Prices Per Page

The prices per page could be outrageous. Writing is a very big thing now and with fewer people desiring to their assignments now and days—as opposed to an almost nonexistent time when people wanted to do their work—and people are able to charge what they want to do your work. Of course you could find someone else or another site to do it, but the prices across the board for “guaranteed quality work” aren’t competitive for the most part.

On the flipside, if you don’t want to do the work you have to pay what they want. As with most things, it’s cheaper to do it yourself especially if you’re a struggling student and don’t have money to throw around.

On The Brightside

There are sites and people who charge decent, wallet friendly prices to handle your paper. They’re also reputable or as reputable as you can be online. Also note that you don’t have to use a site, you could find a student on campus to do the paper for you. The danger there is that it’s more immediate that they could inform your instructor.

In short, you could get a top tier paper from online essay sources or from a fellow student; however the cons outweigh the pros.

Posted by November 23rd, 2016