How do you use APA format when writing a paper

In your social science classes, every paper that you write will need to use the APA style format. In order to succeed in those classes and on those papers, learning the APA style is vital skill. Students often struggle with formatting styles like APA and MLA because they use them so infrequently and because the styles are so specific. There are not any quick tricks that will help you learn how to use APA because there are so many little details in the style. However, there are a few important considerations to make when you do have to write an APA formatted paper.

  1. Record all of your sources.
  2. This is one of the easiest things to do, but it is also one of the easiest things to forget to do. There are many free websites that allow students to record their sources so they can easily build a works cited page in a specified format. You just have to remember to keep a record of every source you use. You will need to gather information about the author, title, date of access, the URL, and several other details depending on the type of source you use.

  3. Record where you use the sources.
  4. Not only do you need to record the actual source, but you also need to record where you used the source in the paper. In-text documentation is a hallmark of APA style, so many students will immediately record the source and the page number (if appropriate) as soon as they use it. Some students use a numbering technique as a way to remember what sources were used and reduce the number of times they write the author or the title of the source.

  5. Stay organized.
  6. APA style papers have specific types of organizational formats. These often require specific subheadlines so the reader knows exactly what part of the paper they are reading. You can use a sample paper to help you remember what all of the sections are and what should go into them.

  7. Learn about the abstract.
  8. APA research papers require the use of an abstract. This is a short section that contains about 350 words. It acts as a summary of the project with details about the different requirements of the research paper. The abstract goes in the beginning of an APA research paper, but it really cannot be written until after an outline or even the entire paper has been completed.

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Posted by January 28th, 2017