How to write an outstanding essay from scratch

Your best tool in the toolbox for writing a fabulous essay is to plan ahead. A plan of action on how you’re going to get the essay written will help you stay focused and remain on the right track. Following a step by step process is the best way to execute your plan.

How to write your essay: step by step

  1. Have a full understanding of your assignment. If you are unclear on something, ask your teacher right away. All details should be clearly stated including which style to use (MLA, APA, etc.). The required length of the essay, the deadline and format etc. are all part of the details you will need to know.
  2. Divide the time you have left into portions to cover the research, writing the thesis statement, making the outline, writing the essay, proofreading and editing. Then use a schedule to keep yourself on time. All these parts of writing are essential to producing an outstanding essay. Write each part of the assignment on a calendar. This will be the best way to keep yourself on schedule.
  3. As you go through each part of the essay writing process, don’t lose momentum. It’s better to go through it later looking for errors to fix than to obsess about them every step of the way and end up quitting before you’re finished.
  4. Don’t skimp on the proofreading and editing. The difference between a bland essay and a great one might just be one additional revision. You need some outside help to really get this part of the job done right. So often, a writer sees his own mistakes but doesn’t recognize them for what they are. A new set of eyes would pick them out much easier. You can get a friend or family member who is good at English to proofread for you.

As a follow-up, make sure you keep track of the sources you used and use proper referencing and citations for parts you quoted or borrowed from. Never include any plagiarized work within your essay for any reason! It’s never worth the risk!

Before handing in your essay, take another look at the assignment. Did you fill every requirement? Was it checked for spelling and grammar? How about the logical flow of ideas? If you can tick off all the right things, your essay should be ready to hand in!

Posted by November 22nd, 2016