What to Avoid While Writing an Expository Essay

An expository essay is an essay written on a specific topic through the use of facts. The writer uses direct information and consistently offers proof that the information is accurate. Proper use of an expository essay can actually persuade your reader to take note of facts by providing them with new insight on your topic. To write a successful expository essay you need to have correct facts and be able to present them in logical order so that you reader can easily follow and comprehend your thought.

The Topic

When selecting your topic you want to avoid topics that are too vast since you only have a certain amount of time or wordage that you are allowed to use. It is best to select a narrow topic to satisfy these requirements.


Avoid entering fallacies into your content when writing the essay since this will undermine the credibility of your work and leave your readers confused and questionable about your content.

Avoid Disorganization and Unrelated Information

Be careful when writing your essay to gather your facts and thoughts, probably in outline form, and organize your facts in a logical order before presenting them. You want to avoid jumping from idea to idea and avoid elaborating on topics that are not directly affiliated with your subject matter. You do not want to introduce information that is not directly related to your work since this will confuse the reader and most likely lose their attention.

Avoid Opinions and Observations

Remember the content of your expository essay is factual so the writer needs to avoid the use of personal opinions, observations or even assumptions since all of these are not presented on fact. Many times we want to interject our thoughts with our own opinions but in the case of an expository essay this needs to be completely avoided.

Avoid Plagiarism

Though plagiarism is most time done with intent, there are times when a writer can accidentally commit plagiarism. Be very careful when writing not to utilize or copy the content of other writers and when paraphrasing be certain to offer the content through the use of your own words. Writers will be penalized for any acts of plagiarism, even that which was done accidentally.

Avoid Haste

When writing you want to allow the necessary time needed to write since haste will only produce waste.

Posted by November 23rd, 2016