Being Social Person

Being a sociable person can be fun. It can often depend on which group of people you are with. Some groups are easy to get along with but others not so much. If you are a sociable person you know that being social takes up a lot of your time but if you enjoy being with other people this is OK.

But there are people who find it hard to be sociable, it may be because they are shy or they just find being with a group of people quite nerve racking and scary because they find it hard to ‘fit in’, and find it even harder to understand the dynamics of a social situation and are not sure how to behave or what is expected of them.

People who find it hard to read social situations, may always be on the periphery of a group, they are the loners. They may spend a lot of time just watching other people in order to try to break the code and understand how to be sociable. Or they may just enjoy being with people but don’t feel that they need to be the centre of attention.

One of the down sides of being a sociable person is that it can be exhausting. You don’t have to continually go to parties to get exhausted but time spent with other people can be draining when you start to take on their problems and concerns because that is what friends do.

Being social all the time can also take time away from doing other activities in your life such as hobbies and interests. But if you are clever you will be choosing hobbies, interests or learning new skills that involve being with other people. So you get the best of everything. It is about taking time for you and your interests.

But what if we don’t want to be social? What if you feel that you do not need to be with other people all the time? Does that make you anti-social? Being anti-social does not mean that you do not want to go to parties and get-togethers, being anti-social means not making sure that your friend how has been ill is getting better or needs someone to run some errands for her or not helping your elderly neighbour.

You can be social but you don’t have to be social all the time with the same group of friends all the time.

Posted by November 23rd, 2016