A List Of Interesting Essay Topics On Canterbury Tales

Canterbury tales:

The Canterbury tales are a rich part of the history of English literature. It is a set of 20 stories which were written by Geoffrey Chaucer way back in the 14th century. They are still valid and studied in academics to give students a great picture about the old time stories. The students in school are entrusted such tasks to develop interest in literature and at the same time prove it with their writing that what they have learned. The Canterbury tales essays are very interesting, but challenging as well at the same time. There are so many topics which can be selected by the students to write on. But, the thing which matters the most is the selection of the right topic. The topic must be interesting and it should lead you to a sure shot conclusion. It demands you to have some basic understanding about the Canterbury stories as then only you will come up with great ideas to write on. Therefore, the students are advised to invest a good bit of their time in researching about the topic and only finalize one when they are sure about it with enough points in mind or roughly on a paper.

Top Canterbury Essay topics:

The students when research will find a lot of ideas on the web about the topics, but all might not be ideal or same as the other. They must evaluate the topic on the basis of its quality, ease in research and the capacity to produce enough ideas. The following is a list of the top Canterbury topics which you can think about choosing for writing a high quality essay:

  • Why is the Knight first to tell the tale and also first in the general Prologue?
  • What were the reasons for the Pardoner to go offensive?
  • Do a comparison between Miller and Reeveā€™s tale.
  • Compare and contrast the tales of Reeve and Summoner
  • Critically analyze Wife of bath tale.
  • What are the main reasons which make all the Canterbury tales fantastic?
  • Do you find any common or connecting point between some or all of the tales?
  • What you learnt about the woman hating ideas of old time from the Wife of bath tale?
  • How convincing and energetic you find the character of Chaucer in the story?

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