The word ‘essay’ is a hair-raiser for many students. From the school years, students find it a mysterious word, unable to comprehend its workings. Whenever essays are assigned, the worrywarts lose their appetite; lock themselves in their room, preparing themselves to be domed. Papers after papers are torn out because they do not know how to tame this monster. Trial and error is used to master the essay. Nonetheless, they continuously fail. It is because they fail to read the rules of the game which will make it easy to defeat the essay monster. This article will elaborate upon the basic rule of the game and discuss the wrong moves which lead to frustration, anxiety and exasperation during essay writing.


As your teachers must have taught you, any topic has a manifest and a latent meaning. Brainstorming helps you find the hidden meaning. Prior to brain storming, you must do some research. These are some tips that will help you understand what is needed:

  • Sit in a quiet place where nothing bothers. Write down the topic on the paper and make a cloud around it. Now jot down whatever that comes in your mind when you think about the topic without stopping. Do it for five minutes. Some stuff that you think of would be irrelevant but you must not focus on that at all. Just keep doing it. Once done, you must move to the next step. Re-read whatever you wrote and then decide what is of relevance to the topic. For instance your topic is’ Risk behavior and adolescence’; you might want to jot down everything and then pick and choose the vocabulary or points that seem relevant to the main topic.
  • If you choose to explore risk behavior in relation to peer pressure, then you might like to invest some time doing research. Think about examples where you know people have suffered. Read up on case studies and researches and find out what others have to say about the topic.
  • After you have explored the existing evidence, sift through your knowledge and understanding and present something different. Regurgitating the work of others will not get you the grade. Remember that instructors appreciate your thinking. Even if you believe that your work is not up to mark, if you have put thought and originality into it, the work will be appreciated.

Brainstorming for essays and papers is crucial to writing a successful paper. If you will think about the topic, there is no way you can produce something of quality. To be able to write essays and papers, you will have to use critical judgment more frequently. You will have to reflect upon the topic and absorb the information available. It is your brainstorming of the topic which will make your essay stand out from the rest.

Posted by November 22nd, 2016