A Guide for Polishing Your Essays

Putting the finishing touches on your essay requires afterthought and attention to detail. There are many great ways to put finishing touches on your essay before you are considered finished. The trick to polishing up your essay may seem easier than you think, and will definitely leave the final draft of the essay left with its utmost potential. If you are stumped on ways how to make your essay better, consider a couple of the following tricks.

Finishing Touches

Once you finish your final draft, go read through the entire essay once more from start to finish. At times, people think it is acceptable to “spot check” an essay, but that is not the best way to check if the entire body of work is living up to its potential. Go through and read your essay, not only looking for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, but also go through to read how the essay flows. The syle is just as important as the gritty details, so keep this in mind as you are reading.

If you decide to make large revisions to a piece in the name of making it flow better, keep the original final draft and then compare. Sometimes you will over think a piece when your original form was much better. Instead of losing the original final draft, compare and contrast to see which draft has a better flow and reasoning.

Proof Reading

Proof reading is an essential part of putting the final touches on your essay. Find an extra pair of eyes that are willing to go through your essay and give you feedback from their perspective. Chances are is that you will have overlooked some details that may seem nonexistent to you, but obvious to others. This piece of advice might help the most with your final drafts, so it is worth going the extra mile and finding an unbiased third party who is willing to help.

It is also advantageous to find a proof reader that has no relation to the topic at hand. This way, you are sure that your essay reads clearly and can be easily understood by people that have no previous exposure to your chosen topic.

By combining these methods, you will ensure your final draft to be the best it can be. The final message is to take great care and try not to rush through the finishing process. You might be at the final stage, but finish slowly and you will not miss a thing.

Posted by November 22nd, 2016