Writing Lessons - Good Ways To Start A Response Essay

Like all types of papers, it is a must to know what kinds of information it takes to compose it. Knowing how to use the language and mechanics gives you some familiarity on the subject. This article will give writing lessons on good ways to start a response essay.

  1. A response essay is a reaction or opinion you have on a book, artwork, or article that you formally review. It is written in the first person. This means “I think” or “I believe”. You must make an assessment of your subject and observe it adding your personal reaction. Read the piece for an understanding. Reread to stop and reflect on the material that you have written.
  2. The steps seem like the basic ones taught about every other type of paper. It is the structure you must pay close attention to. It must contain exactly what you feel and why you feel that way.
    • Record your thoughts into notes.
    • Develop a thesis.
    • Write an outline.
    • Construct the paper.
  3. You must always give full and honest opinions. You must ask yourself how you truly feel about the piece. This is what you work from as far as emotion.
  4. You must be introduced to the reading. You should know as much about the subject as you possibly can. Summarize the reading. Put together the most important and main ideas that you feel make the grade of your words. Give your reaction. Let them know what position you are taking, and how you plan on writing the paper.
  5. Compare/Contrast what you think of the material to what the author states. This does not mean you disagree with their opinion. You can totally agree with what they have said. You need your own point-of-view to write down your own material into a finished paper.
  6. Back your claims- explain why you reacted the way you did to the work. Ask questions to yourself to get deeper into the material. Is there better material written by some other author? Did the author ignore or miss some important information on the matter? Did the work make sense, and was it easy to understand? Back your ideas and details that you put down in words. These things will show you spent time looking and asking thought provoking questions.

Posted by November 23rd, 2016