Amazing Ideas For Narrative Essay Topics For College Students

Narrative essays help you in presenting the real you in front of your readers by reflection of your self-thoughts, ideas owned by you, fresh interpretations on facts and situations, your individual point of view, sharing your experiences and incidents that has impacted you into writing a narrative essay on the chosen topic. This form of narrative essay writing format provides great room for expression of individual viewpoints and offers great flexibility to mould your views into programmed conclusions and interpretations through bargaining the reader into contemplation and rethink on the views, opinions and thoughts reflected through the narration of the essay which speaks more of the writer’s independent arguments, persuasions, reflection and analysis of situations of problems faced in the common diasporas of general interest and social fabric which is set as the background for the narrative experience followed throughout the essay.

The art of storytelling is what dominates the whole process of the narrative essay writing as the writer ventures to set the stage, open the forum for reflection, decides the key elements of his essay with regard to role players like incidents, anecdotes, satire, arguments, conversational bits, experiences shared all along the processing and development of the story line which is characteristic of his unique story telling style and presentation. A narrative essay helps to achieve those goals which a theoretical description fails to generate the expected response for the essay due to its monotonous nature of presentation of facts exemplified by statistics and graphs which are far from being desired by the general reader who is as opposed to being an expert is a novice to relate to such characteristic elements of theory and research. Unlike other essay types, narrative essays provide only the single interest of the reader to express just his personal views and takes on the chosen topic without the influence of alternating arguments of opposing parties trying to counter each other in the process of debate and arguments to justify their own stands in an effort to dampen the opposition’s spirit to clarify the same. A narrative essay is a single stage for sole representation of the views of the writer without being perturbed by any external influence or prejudice. It generally consists of an Introduction, body which is vastly used for story telling or narration and a closing paragraph of conclusion to pull the curtains down in the stage after completion of the narration process through declaration of a closing note on the narration which best analyses the concept presented through the narration.

Some great ideas for narrative essay topics are:

  1. The life and principles of Mahatma Gandhi
  2. Migrants and the troubles faced in the immigrant countries.
  3. Ten ways to clean up the government system from corrupt practices
  4. Sport has become secondary to money making in the international diaspora with players playing to achieve individual goals.
  5. Movies reflect the society in a realistic manner and contribute positively to its development.
  6. Jihad is the most misrepresented term used in the Muslim Religion.
  7. What will I do when I become PM?
  8. The ethics that corporate must adapt to in order to build their brand.

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