How can I improve my essay writing skills in under a month?

There may be many times in your life when you need to improve a skill very fast. You might need it for a job, or for education, or perhaps you are just trying to improve yourself. If you are working on yourself, there are likely not many guides available, and if you can find some they will be confusing and contradictory. However, if you are looking to improve you writing skills quickly, there are proven methods to learn. Be warned, this does require work, and it is very important to dedicate yourself to improving. Trying to get your essay skills better in as short a time as a month is not going to be easy, but if you are dedicated, you will be able to do it.

The first thing that you have to do, and you have to start today, is you need to write. One thousand words a day, every day, and no excuses. Greatness requires practice, and practice means doing it every day. You may find yourself busy, or you have other obligations, or what have you, but you must realize that if you want to write you will need to find a way around it. Even if you take time to write things of quality, a thousand words may take you no longer than an hour or two. With constant practice, you will start thinking as a writer, which will let you start writing.

Read a lot. Reading does many things, but it shows you how sentences are constructed, and which ones sound good. Some of them will, some of them will not, but it is important to read many types of writing from many different authors. If you read one author exclusively, this will hamper your style, and you will wind up imitating them instead of finding your own voice.

You must edit your work as well. Not all of it, actually, not what you write every day, but some of the work you like best. Much of writing is in editing, and this is how you learn to fine-tune your craft. After you have edited, share your work with others. Not just anyone, as your friends and family will often tell you that they love your work no matter what you write. Find other writers who are willing to be honest with you and criticize you, telling you when and how you need to improve. Take this as honest feedback and try to use it to improve your writing.

Posted by November 23rd, 2016